Adobe Acrobat Reader License Agreement

Unless otherwise specified in a separate agreement between Adobe and a software licensor, Adobe warrants to the person or entity that first acquires a license for the user software in accordance with the terms of this agreement that the software substantially complies with the corresponding user manual of the software for a shorter period of (a) the ninety (90) day period or (b) the license term after receipt of the Soft ware („warranty“) point“), if used on the compatible computer. A non-significant deviation from the provision of the user manual does not create a warranty right. This limited warranty does not apply to the following products made available as intended and without Warranty from Adobe: (i) patches; (ii) police software; (iii) pre-release software, trial version, starter, evaluation, product type printers, evaluation software and copies not used for resale of the software; (iv) Adobe online websites, services; and third-party online services; (v) Services certified document (see section 16); and (vi) any software made available free of charge by Adobe by web download from an Adobe website. All warranty claims must be claimed with proof of purchase within this warranty period from Adobe Customer Service. For more information about warranty rights, see All liability of Adobe and its affiliates under these warranty claims and Customer`s sole and exclusive warranty remedy is, at Adobe`s option, on the support of the software based on the warranty right, the exchange of software or, if support or replacement is not feasible at Adobe`s discretion, limited to reimbursement of license fees paid by customer for the software (if any). THE LIMITED WARRANTY SET FORE IN THIS SECTION CONFERS SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS ON CUSTOMERS. THE CUSTOMER MAY HAVE ADDITIONAL RIGHTS UNDER THE LAW, WHICH MAY VARY FROM JURISDICTION TO JURISDICTION. ADOBE DOES NOT ATTEMPT TO LIMIT CUSTOMER`S WARRANTY RIGHTS TO ANY EXTENT NOT PERMITTED BY LAW. In section 16, you will find the provisions specific to each country or contact Adobe Customer Service.

14.4 Recruitment Manager. Using web players, especially Flash Player, allows the software to store some of the user`s settings as a local common object on your computer. These settings are not related to you, but allow you to configure certain settings in Flash Player. For more information about locally shared objects, see and more information about the settings manager under 16.10 Contribute Publishing Services. Subject to the Contribute Publishing Services software end-user license agreement attached to this software, Customer may not link to Contribute Publishing Services Software unless Customer has obtained a connection license with contribute Publishing Services software for anyone who may link to contribute De Publishing Services software; However, provided that the trial versions of Adobe Contribute software are installed and can connect to the Contribute Publishing Services software in accordance with the end user`s license agreement. The software and all authorized copies made by Customer are the intellectual property of Adobe Systems Incorporated and its suppliers and are the property of Adobe Systems Incorporated. The structure, organization, and source code of the software are valuable trade secrets and confidential information of Adobe Systems Incorporated and its suppliers.

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