Aircraft Rental Agreement

Pilots who fly without a blocked account are charged an additional 10 $US per flight hour. Aircraft rental, flight lessons, supplies and other goods and services offered by Above & Beyond Aviation are to be paid at the time of the transaction. If a negative account balance is not paid in full within 30 days, the customer`s account is charged a funding fee of 1.5% per month (annual effective rate of 19.61%). Only aircraft in which the renter has successfully completed a control trip by an Above and Beyond Aviation instructor may be flown alone. The renter must make a control trip in all types and models of the aircraft in flight. The renter must also meet the minimum ratings for the aircraft in flight. The completion of this checkout is displayed by the instructor`s entries in the tenant`s logbook. It is the responsibility of the renting pilot to keep his records on up to date with up-to-date information on his address, telephone numbers, driver`s license number, passport number and credit card number. The renter`s flight pilots must report any damage or problem with the aircraft observed during the flight so as not to be held responsible for the problem. Disagreements that occur during the flight are reported by Above & Beyond Aviation, George Farris 512 415 2466, after each flight, and recorded in the corresponding section on the forms provided.

Pilots are responsible for all previous damage to the aircraft if they do not report such damage to Above & Beyond Aviation prior to the flight. All minor or significant damage must be reported immediately to Above & Beyond Aviation personnel. The tenant agrees to land only in paved public airports, except in case of emergency. Exceptions can be made by written agreement with Above & Beyond Aviation. In the event that aircraft maintenance is required at an airport other than Above and Beyond Aviation, the renting pilot agrees not to handle any part of the aircraft, but to call Above & Beyond Aviation for further instructions. Fuel and oil outside the field are reimbursed. There will be no reimbursement for commitment or hangar costs. Receipts must be left with the Hobbs notebook….