Cca Agreement Debt

I have received letters from Cabot for 5 different accounts to say that they cannot find the papers and recognize that the debt is unenforceable. I now have letters for 2 of the accounts that say I missed payments – contact them on the debt payment. You are not saying anywhere that the debt is unenforceable. Debt covered by the Consumer Credit Act is often referred to as regulated debt. The corresponding rule of the ACF is 13.1.6 ( which states that the company must specify in each request for payment or notification of a payment (with the exception of a declaration that does not constitute or contain a request for payment under the CCCA or the rules adopted under the CCA) that the claim is not applicable, although it has not yet been made. I am very sorry for all these efforts, but after writing to them that what they sent was not the agreement, the response I received was: „Please point out that the document presented is the agreement and application that are summarized in a document.“ How is that possible? I`m confused. How can I react? I`d appreciate any help in that case. the letter came to say link cant get cca from mbna. but say they can still collect as always responsible, and as far as the fact that they have more than 6 months to let me know that they could not get it, and ive read this on another site of aid debts is this right through sara time scale…

The Consumer Credit Act stipulates that a creditor must send the agreement within 12 business days of receiving your application, otherwise it is late. You should count the entry day as day zero and not include weekends or holidays in your calculations. The CCA agreements are important! If a creditor can`t find it, paying down the debt doesn`t improve your creditworthiness. People often don`t believe it, it sounds weird. In practice, debt settlement makes some lenders much more likely to give you more credit, and it is important if you want a mortgage in the next few years. But this headline credit point number won`t change. Now that I`m able to pay, is it worth asking for a CCA? If they find it, I`m able to pay, so it`s no longer a concern for me now, but when the loan book was sold on, I think it might be worth asking for. Given that I was not given that money, it was not given the effective refinancing of the debt at a lower interest rate – with the main intention of eliminating the default. However, I wonder if I should ask the CCA on both sides.

If the original creditor has sold the debt to another company, the new company becomes a „creditor“ and must process your application. If the new entity disagrees, it must tell you who can provide you with the information or forward your request to the original creditor itself. Is it possible that I could get the money back for them, on the basis that the legal proceedings would have been dismissed? No, I`m sorry, it won`t be possible. Now it`s too late. And there`s no way you can even know if they could have implemented the CCA agreement, because they don`t even need to look for it if you ask if a debt has been settled. Just to be clear. What will happen to the debts that CCA can`t bring me, and I`m going to stop the payments? You became insolvent more than four years ago.