What Does Enforcement Agreement Nrvc Mean

The NRVC is an agreement between most U.S. states to enforce traffic violations outside the state. If you receive an out-of-state ticket and don`t pay the fine or show up in court, the state where you received the ticket will notify your home state (where your driver`s license comes from). Your home state can then suspend your license if you do not comply with the ticket outside the state. RMV for the exchange of information on serious offences such as driving with a child, killing of cars and other similar serious offences relating to motor vehicles. It requires that the Offender`s State of origin give violations outside the State the same effect as if they had occurred in the State. This means that if you commit a DUI in another state, the registry is entitled to punish you as if the crime had occurred here in Massachusetts if you are an MA resident or licensee. .